David Giannetti was born in Rome in 1988 and when he was only 20 he started developing a passion for photography and decided to make a job out of it. At Officine Fotografiche in Rome, he attended basic, intermediate and advanced photography courses, with Massimo Ciampa, seizing the opportunity of following several lessons of photo editing, held by the Digital Artist and Advanced Photoshop trainer Martin Benes. Davide also decided to broaden his expertise by attending a course in fashion photography from which it followed several publications on online magazines and editorials. Believing in the strong narrative power of images, in 2012 he chose the reportage as the main communication tool and took part in the master program of 'contemporary photojournalism', with the photographer Emiliano Mancuso at Officine Fotografiche, during which he could also follow the sessions dedicated to video editing , held by the filmmaker Andrea Tarquini. Having discovered a keen interest even in the videographic universe, he attended a basic course for cinematographers at 4youvideo-maker in Rome, learning the various shooting techniques and the means of image stabilization, specializing in the use of the glide cam. He currently works with several photo agencies and continues to travel in the constant search of stories to tell. 

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- Davide Giannetti Photography -
Italy based Landscape, Adventure Photographer and Educator.