Basics of Photography + Intro to Post-Processing

Landscape Photography

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Sunset in Tuscany

The course includes:


3 hours of one on one course (3 one-hour meetings) + the whole course will be recorded and sent by email


Who is the course for?


If this is your first camera, if this is your first approach both to Landscape Photography and Editing, then this is the course you were looking for.


Strong basics are ESSENTIAL to approach advanced techniques and topics.


What if I already have strong basics?


If you already have the basics of photography and editing, it's time to move on to something more complex: take a look at the topics proposed at the customised class section.



The advantages of a real-time course compared to a recorded video course


A "real time" class offers you the possibility to ask questions and ask for more detailed explanations on a specific topic.



At the end of the course:

  • you will master the basics of photography

  • you will learn how to plan your photo sessions and your photographic trips

  • you will learn how to develop a raw  (with PS or Lr), taking your photos to the next level

  • you will be able to consciously choose the equipment according to your needs




Topics covered in the course

  • Exposure

  • Histogram

  • Composition

  • Equipment

  • Introduction to filters

  • Study of Light

  • Shooting planning

  • Intro to post production: from Raw to Jpg, basic develop of the shot