n April 2014 the photo-videographic project "Percorsi insoliti " was established by ​​two keen young men from Rome: the photographer David Giannetti and the video-maker Pierluigi Braca. The work was carried out in some shops of the historic center of Rome, with the aim to rediscover - and then to promote - the tradition of the artisan culture, through modern forms of multimedia communication. The artisans involved were asked to appear immersed in their work environment so to animate a creative vision that could stimulate the viewer's curiosity and the desire to know realities that may often be forgotten. Besides the photographic reportage (that here is shown in a large gallery), mini-documentaries were produced, currently being processed, in which the protagonists told about themselves through their job. "


(Antique shops in the heart of Rome by Valeria Danes for Amate Sponde.)


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