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Gift Card

-Christmas 2020-


The course includes:

an hour and a half of online training


Who is the course for:

The course is for those who want to start editing their shots and those who approach this extraordinary software for the first time.


The advantages of a real-time course compared to a recorded video course:

The Adobe Photoshop workspace, with its complexity, can scare an inexperienced user, even leading him to give up this fundamental part of the creative flow: the editing of an image.

A "real time" class allows you to ask questions and ask for more detailed explanations on a specific topic.


At the end of the course:

  • You will move with awareness within the software workspace.

  • You will be able to carry out a basic development of your shots starting from the Raw.

  • You will finally have solid tools at your disposal to take your first steps in the world of post production.

Topics covered in this course:


  • Create / open a new document

  • The Workspace

  • Basic tools

  • Adjustments

  • Layers and Masks

  • Introduction to Adobe Camera Raw

  • Saving a file (with focus on image resizing for web)

What you need for this course:

  • A computer with the software installed (Adobe offers a trial version of the software for a period of 7 days)

  • An internet connection

  • Desire to experience and have fun ;)



Place of the lesson: Google Meet


Once you have booked the course and purchased the Gift Card (payment by bank transfer or PayPal), we will choose the date and time for our lesson.

If you have decided to give the Gift Card to someone else, I will send you the Card via email and you will decide when and how to send it to the beneficiary (you can print the Gift Card and place it under the Christmas tree, or send it directly via email or WhatsApp).

Then I will schedule the lesson directly with the beneficiary.



Price 50 €

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