This is a Work in Progress side of my photography (as all the other sides after all :) ) but I wanted to share this anyway. 

Since I was a kid I've always been struck by Wildlife's beauty, but I've only recently decided to try to use my photography to highlight its relevance in our life.

What I try to do with my landscapes it's sharing what I fell staying up an entire night taking pictures at the sky, or why I like so much those few mins when the Sun is rising or when it goes down ( the light it's just crazy), moments that help me creating relationship between the scene in front of me and a thought in my head.

So I've decided that I had to do something for those creatures who live in these beautiful places I photograph, the same creatures that are often put in danger because of our bad behaviours.

Sharing their beauty it's the only way I have to show my respect for them.


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The Antlers